The Lunar Ally: A Primer for Sceptics

moonwolfThe Moon is an influential force in human behavior.  I want to share my personal experiences of the ways I found this to be true. I base my knowledge on my directly perceived connection with the Moon while exploring supportive cultural and scientific data. Although this process is externally oriented, it is meant to help us develop a deeper and more expansive personal awareness. Our progress will come from our choices but the Moon is a good reference to help harmonize our mind and body, make well timed choices and hopefully make life a little easier. As we become our own Moon guide it is necessary to remain skeptical.  I do not feel it is always productive to dwell on “why” such patterns can correlate with the Moon when we can safely start testing and using these theories to our personal advantage. However, I will try to find and present interesting theories and evidence about why this is happening for my own benefit and to inspire more research. If further research is done we may find ways to harness such forces directly for even greater benefit.  I hope tuning into the influence of the Moon will be an empowering process that brings wonder and abundance to your life.

In general, we must take ownership of this process and try to stay grounded to our direct experience of reality.  We will see some values and trends in our society can conflict with the Moon phase’s influence, thus contributing to social and personal disharmony.  We will also observe how we are already unconsciously harmonizing with moon cycles. In both cases of recognizing harmony and disharmony we create conscious knowledge that we can use more intentionally. We should not be deterred from this logical investigation even though we are using personal intuition as data because the fact of the matter is, we have been using some essential knowledge for centuries that still is not fully defined. In the time being, I suggest using self-honesty and controlled rule-breaking to approach our intuition with as much impartiality as we can. This is where our skepticism is helpful, since we cannot yet directly measure the Moon’s effect. Furthermore, before we discount this process, we must consider that there are additional physical and energetic variables that can alter the Moon’s effects and explain certain anomalies between your experience and the patterns I will describe. I invite you to help my investigation by describing your experience with the Moon.

As our understanding of the Moon increases we are learning to unite cultural theories that point to a mystical unseen force and mechanical science that points to physical evidence such as light exposure.  It seems ancient people universally had religious traditions that see the Moon as a god or goddess.  Even today, outmoded beliefs that associate the moon with behavior are reflected in words such as “lunatic” deriving from the Latin word for moon. Zimecki (2006) does a fascinating peer-reviewed survey of clinical research that studied connections between lunar cycles and physiology in humans and animals.1 A less technical article from shows some wierd animal behaviors that are correlated with Moon phases. People continue to observe and apply knowledge of the Moon’s phases for farming and to balance hormones.2  Others believe this practice is akin to astrology and alchemy which will help raise our awareness to metaphysical levels by symbolically connecting our inner and outer world.3  Although metaphysics by definition defies the physical cause-effect relationship that is fundamental in science, it may still be possible to measure some physical affects of the Moon, if not the direct mechanism.

The real purpose of this work is to use the Moon’s natural cycle to become more explicitly aware of ourselves and create inner and outer harmony in our life. Our efforts are less effective and we waste energy if we work against our own natural circadian rhythm because of common misconceptions. We can attempt to track any feeling or behavior with Moon phases to try and predict, plan and manage those experiences. I have found patterns in my sleep, diet, relationships, and creativity and these areas effect all aspects of life. When I started following the moon, what I noticed took some struggle and worry out of my life. Many experiences I will mention are deceptively common. Allow me to give you an example. I noticed that I was tired and perspiring more at night and it worried me. Then I was able to correlate that experience with the waning Moon and I understood that during this time my body was cleansing and releasing toxins. There are many ways to use and misuse this information based on your intentions. What we are really doing here is eliminating cognitive dissonance between the mind and body.  I believe the body and the mind want to be healthy, so it shouldn’t be too difficult or forced.  It also may not be possible, beneficial, or even desirable to eliminate all discord. Through self-awareness using the Moon we can learn to want what we need and enjoy more freedom and power.

“The Lunar Ally” sees the moon as an almost arbitrary yet standardized time-measuring tool for personal reflection.  Like a measuring stick, the moon is useful because it is a consistent reference that provides evenly spaced marks to record data. On a “ruler”, there is nothing that necessarily dictates how wide those marks should be. As long as the rulers’ marks are equal distance apart and we all follow the same standard, it is useful. This method could be used with anything, but the moon is a practical choice because of its’ consistency, proximity and average length of cycle. Strictly speaking, the moon phases are not arbitrary (they are dictated by the moon), but unlike using a human “foot” to measure distance, the moon phases are a universal standard on Earth.

We should not hesitate to apply this knowledge in society if and when this phenomena becomes more directly measurable. Civilization might be more efficient if we more closely conformed to Moon cycles. We may forget that our time standards are already loosely based on the following celestial cycles: The rotation of the Earth (day), the orbit of the Earth (year) and the Moon (month).  Each unit of our standardized time has discrepancies but if you do the math, our month has the most discrepancy. This is why our month is never aligned with the new moon. Furthermore, Our time system is sun-centered and the sun and moon cycles themselves do not match. If we can confirm that our society is misinformed in a way that contributes to personal discord, we can take definite steps to alleviate the sources of that discord. We can always take personal steps to alleviate discord, when we look and find these patterns and energies for ourselves.

There are great implications if these patterns can be affirmed but without proper evidence they may be explained in both in religious-mystical and scientific-mechanical ways. It is fun to theorize “why” the moon is influential, but I want to go beyond that and learn “how” I can apply these patterns to make my life happier and more productive.

Directly measuring the cause of our connection with the Moon is not currently possible so we are forced to rely on intuition to make gains. The ethereal nature of this inquiry is not as unusual as it may seem. Even today, most psychological disorders are diagnosed using symptoms that cannot be directly measured. Furthermore, we measure and utilize the effects of gravity, magnetism, and electricity without fully knowing what they are. Even though we are not directly measuring the moons’ effects as in electricity some people are making similar efforts.4 I hope to find more supportive experimental sources and inspire scientific inquiry, but my first goal is to help people.

If there is truly no objective attitude to approach this method of reflection, there are certainly ways to try and remain grounded and impartial. We may argue that it is a self-fulfilling prophesy to submit ourselves to this process. On the other hand, to be ultra-critical is also a preconception. Being skeptical is good because controlled research involves diligence. When we know which side we tend to lean on, we can do our best to remain indifferent. An addition, I suggest to use rule-breaking and test my suggestions both by following and disobeying them in controlled ways. Through finding patterns I have been able to know the moon phase based mostly on my personal feeling and intuition. Even so, it hasn’t necessarily made overcoming personal fears and destructive habits “easy”. Remember, the most powerful source for change right now is you and this inquiry should be made hesitatingly.

It is easy to judge when things are not cut and dry but there are also other variables to take in to account.  Personally, I have noticed I have more energy during the same moon phase I was born under (last quarter) even though we usually have less energy during that phase. This reflects a conflicting energetic variable. Another example would be that business on Saturday is different than on Monday because of the work week that our society follows.  Even so, moon phases may explain differences between two Saturdays. Since many variables are involved, it takes a degree of sensitivity to discern. This method may help us develop this personal awareness. We may be able to anticipate problems this way but we may also create problems if we become too attached to the theory.


So far, I have introduced you to the basic method of The Lunar Ally. I have attempted to support this method with an appeal to culture and tradition as well as evidence from biology. I maintain that the benefits of this method come from a mind-body harmonization, not the moon per-say. I have explained why the moon is a good reference to help quantify this elusive data. I have pointed out that much difficulty stems from personal and cultural disharmony with these patterns. I have argued that we don’t need to know why this is happening to reap the rewards. I have compared this inquiry to other powerful yet still largely unknown fields of knowledge. I have tried to promote tuning in to lunar phases while maintaining our personal authority through impartiality–that proverbial “grain of salt.” I have warned that these patterns are not the only factors involved, therefore this is also an exercise to become more explicitly aware of these subtle patterns.  Please take a moment to look up at the moon, note how you are feeling, introduce yourself and say, “Hello my friend.”

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