The Lunar Ally Part One

The Lunar Ally is about how I learned to tune in to the energetic influence of the Moon. I will now explain specifically what I notice in daily life.  Basically, all we do is reflect on the phase of the Moon.  Still, the influence is relatively subtle and, as always, there are other factors involved.  I will tell you what to watch out for to make it easier. Don’t believe me, see for yourself if it is true. And please tell me what you find.

Once in tune in this way, I believe, we can be aware of the Moon phase based only on our internal experience; we will not have to look up (or look it up). The basic premise here is that everything is connected in some way. My hope is that this will be accepted and substantially measured with peer-reviewed science. Honestly I think this is so obvious that it is insulting to both you and me to have to explain this. People have been using the Moon patterns since immemorial time and still do.

We must appreciate the discoveries of Renissance science that emphasize material things and still recognize it’s limitations. Ideally, it is the job of the scientific method to be most critical of science itself. We must recognize how new material scientific thought is in the history of civilization and consider that we may have been carried away by such rapid progress.  It is understandable that we have lost sight of what is obvious, but I also believe there is a good reason to be optimistic of new discoveries in this vein of thought.


So if you will excuse me I will begin to devulge my secret.


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