The Lunar Diet

The easiest way to tune into the Moon is through our diet.  I will describe how to correlate our eating habits with the Moon.  This simple process will boost productivity and help balance our diet.  These two things are connected because what we are learning to observe is our metabolism.

Have you ever had that feeling when you think you are really hungry but you feel full very quickly?  You eat the same exact meal you have had before but this time you are full before you are finished the plate.  Have you ever asked yourself why?  I believe this experience can be attributed to the Moon phase.


As the Moon waxes, our stomach wants to expand.  When the Moon wanes our stomach wants to contract.  To say it differently, when the Moon gets bigger our stomach stretches, and when the Moon gets smaller our stomach shrinks.  Since we are talking about metabolism, it is a little more complex than that.  There are more physical and even psychological implications, but I will leave it at this for now.

The Test

According to this theory it should be easier to eat less when the Moon waning.  Do a fast immediately before the new Moon phase. In two weeks, try to fast immediately before the full Moon phase. Notice the difference for yourself.

This is a cycle so ideally we would be gradually increasing and decreasing what we eat. Use the Moon cycle to plot your own experience and see if you have a similar experience during the same phase of the next Moon cycle. Whatever the experience, if you find a pattern, it is useful.

Here is a link to check the current phase. Better yet, look up and get a direct sense of the cycle.

Perhaps this will help you attain your dieting goals? Maybe I just gave you an excuse to break your diet? You deserve it! At least now you can strategically break your diet…

The purpose of this is to get a better sense of our metabolic patterns. We must feel our own body so that we can discern what our body needs. When we become more aware of our metabolism we can create a balance with less struggle.

I would prefer feedback, but feel free to buy me a coffee.

Please enjoy this classic scene of the original Karate Kid! One of my favorite movies of all time.


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