The Lunar Diet

I first began to tune into the Moon’s energy through my eating habits.  I will describe how I began to correlate and adjust my eating habits with Moon phases.  The connection between the Moon and our metabolism is significant.  I believe knowing these aspects of the Moon phase have been helpful for me.

Have you ever had that feeling when you think you are very hungry but when you eat you begin to feel full very quickly? This may be the same exact meal and portion you have had before but your experience is different; this time you are full before you are finished the plate. Why would the experience be different?


As the Moon waxes our stomach wants to expand and stretch also.  On the contrary. when the Moon wanes our stomach wants to contract and shrink.

When we think about the function of metabolism and become more aware of our connection with the Moon, we can easily discover the many implications this entails.  “The Moon School” explains each phase beautifully and includes additional significant aspects this connection implies .

Here is a link to check the current phase. 

Please enjoy this classic scene of the original Karate Kid! One of my favorite movies of all time.


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