Metabolism and the Moon

I believe the moon phases are connected with metabolism.  I want others to benefit from this knowledge.  Learning to predict functions of the metabolism can be useful.  For me, the moon is an easy reference to predict and manage my energy.  If we are aware of the moon phase we can use it to find patterns in our experience, such as sleep and hunger. So now you know the process. You may want to stop reading here and approach this with less preconceptions, or you may continue and use my observations to quicken your learning.  You may not feel this is necessary or useful at all and that’s okay.  It is unclear to me if my experiences are universal or not.  I encourage others to explore new connections using this method. Connecting the Moon with metabolic patterns is easy. I was surprised to find this site after years of personal observation: The Moon School.  There you will find the general idea summarized beautifully and succinctly.


The problem with metabolism: A common misconception

The metabolism is not constant, it is cyclical. We are told in dieting, “2000 calories a day” as if we are machines with a “miles per gallon” rating.  mpgThis ideal is better than nothing but it is not the whole truth.  It is closer to the truth that our metabolism works in cycles.  Our metabolism ebbs and flows and this movement is reflected in our moon’s phases.  In terms of energy, I feel it is like a cup that fills up until full, and then empties.  Our misunderstanding of metabolism is destructive.  We work against natural rhythms and create internal dissonance, but we can learn to work with them.

Metabolism and the mind: Scientific support

To have great health we must harmonize our body and mind.  Scientists have found metabolic interactions that directly affect neurons (American Scientist).  The title of the original article calls the phenomena a “circuit.”  Does the neuron also inform the intestinal cell?  More knowledge of this relationship will help us utilize it better.  A statistical study revealed that magnetic activity from the sun was correlated with nervous system responses (Nature).  Perhaps the moon is part of this phenomena or something similar?  Maybe it is simply an evolutionary process coinciding with light?  asicsWhatever it is, I believe the mind and body want to be healthy but can become disconnected. The moon can help us reunite these aspects of ourselves and achieve greater health and productivity.

Connecting to the Moon: Astrological and cultural parallelsmooncancer

Some of the original associations between the mind/ body and the moon that I found come from astrology.  The Moon symbolically connects the mind and the stomach. The moon which “rules” emotional aspects of the mind is also the “ruling planet” of the sign “Cancer.” The sign Cancer is associated with nourishing body parts including the stomach. There are other cultural associations such as the expression “gut instinct.” In ancient Japanese culture, the stomach was thought to be the source of consciousness, not the brain. Although these associations have existed for centuries, I only connected them logically after my own personal scrutiny.  In other words, it was my own experience with the Moon that led me to find these connections.

Freedom of choice

This is not simply a form of determinism. For this reason, I try to avoid using the words like “effect” in favor of concepts of harmonization and relationship–hence the name, “The Lunar Ally”. I like to think of astrology as akin to the weather–just because it is raining doesn’t mean you will have a bad day.  freewillyStill you may want to bring a raincoat and drive carefully and it helps to know beforehand. This celestial knowledge is meant to empower people and I try to make it as down-to-Earth as possible. These suggestions will not be helpful if you believe they imply a lack of free will.

Complexity: Multiple factors involved 

We must account for other greater and lesser coinciding variables. In my experience many people seem to dismiss my claims on these grounds. For instance, stress at our jobs, and life events more likely will have a greater effect our energy. To a lesser extent, we may notice we are more tired on rainy days. This is another aspect of our energy which is not connected with the moon. complex

We must try to stay open to new information while remaining grounded in our own experience and discernment. I will try make the reader aware of coinciding variables when it is appropriate. Perhaps, I come across as simplistic in my explanations which is why I have chosen this medium for expression.

Hacking the process 

surferThis is powerful knowledge which should be respected. It can be dangerous to go against these currents consciously.  Especially when dieting, we may think that we can “hack” the system and expedite results by going against the current but this should only be done with caution in order to test this theory with our experience. Our bodies and minds want to be healthy, so going against the tide is unnecessary. This type of thinking may come from our result-oriented profit-driven culture that does not always honor life-affirming practices. Don’t worry about results, the process should be fun.

Not an explanation why

I try to avoid speculation about why there is a moon-metabolic connection because there is no accepted definitive proof. Honestly, I believe there is some undiscovered force at work. Even so, The Lunar Ally does not try to support “vitalism.”  That is the scientific name for an ancient concept that there is some universal life essence beyond only physical and chemical processes. Perhaps it is something like magnetism or electricity? I will not waste time trying to theorize or prove my opinion. It is true, that it has been very beneficial for us to examine life in an individual and mechanical way.  I appreciate the enormous amount of life-saving developments we have created with this frame of mind.  It will also be helpful to see life as connected to a greater whole if we can do this with out getting carried away into needles speculation or superstition.


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